The Pursuit of
Confidence & Well-Being

We started our journey in 2004 as an independent advisory firm to offer a client-centric experience without the constraints and conflicts often associated with traditional platforms.

Our practice is centered around delivering tailored solutions for each family we serve, utilizing an open architecture to provide customized comprehensive reporting, private investment solutions, and best-in-class service.

Supporting the Evolution
of Your Family Legacy

Validus Capital is located at the epicenter of successful entrepreneurs and multi-generational families as they navigate the challenges and complexities of wealth. We serve as the launching point and hub for family initiatives and we are positioned at the intersection of a family’s various advisors and professionals.

Through our dedicated culture of service and network of trusted partners, our clients have direct access to the expertise required for impactful decision making.

Importance of
Committed Partners

We built the Validus Private Fund platform by cultivating deep relationships with our partners over multiple decades. We have focused on creating a strong sense of alignment for our families by structuring favorable deal terms, negotiating expenses, and diversifying across a global network of managers who recognize us as a committed partner.