The Pursuit of
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We started our journey in 2004 as an independent advisory firm to offer a client-centric experience without the constraints and conflicts often associated with traditional platforms.

Our practice focuses on delivering tailored solutions for each family we serve, utilizing our open architecture to provide customized comprehensive reporting, private investment solutions, and best-in-class service.

Investment Strategy

We build an allocation for capital preservation, tax efficiency and long-term growth.


Establishing a robust core equity portfolio that incorporates separately managed individually owned equity positions for increased tax management and flexibility, anchored with low cost passive indexes and complimented by high conviction active management


Employing strategies that are inaccessible through public structures and exercising discipline to identify undervalued assets that capitalize on market inefficiencies

Fixed Income

Creating core fixed income exposure by constructing a high-quality portfolio of both separately managed taxable and tax-exempt bonds, along with a selection of liquid fixed income funds to diversify across asset classes and credits


Engaging in private credit opportunities across taxable and tax-exempt fixed income, utilizing warrants, GP economics and special
situations to drive to higher levels of income and total return


Utilizing noncorrelated assets and strategies to manage risk and generate returns across market environments, and deploying options strategies for risk management and income generation


Constructing an allocation of noncorrelated assets for institutional-quality portfolio diversification and investing with sophisticated managers that leverage operational expertise for risk adjusted returns

Traditional Allocation Strategy

Validus Allocation Strategy

Private Fund Advisory

Investment Committee

Our investment committee is composed of our most experienced investment professionals with diverse backgrounds to ensure we make investments with care and consideration. Our committee exercises a diligent analysis process and thoughtful decision making to carefully select investments that will help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Manager Selection

Our team adheres to a strict manager selection process to identify the most qualified and skilled investment teams to manage our clients’ wealth. We evaluate candidates based on their track record, investment philosophy, risk management approach, and alignment with our clients’ overall investment objectives.

Private Funds

Our proprietary private fund platform allows qualified clients to participate in deal flow otherwise inaccessible in public markets. These investments serve as an additional mechanism to diversify and tailor client portfolios to provide a solution for their unique needs and goals.

Due Diligence

Thoughtful due diligence is a cornerstone of our investment advisory services. Our team conducts extensive research and analysis on all potential investments to ensure they meet our quality and performance standards. This approach enables us to identify and seize opportunities that align with our clients’ objectives.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easy to Understand Performance Reporting

We partner with Addepar to provide clients with easy-to-understand performance reporting. Our platform integrates data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive view of client portfolios. This allows clients to visualize their entire financial picture and enables us to spend our time providing tailored advice and support.

Effective Alternatives Portfolio Management

Our proprietary alternative investment reporting enables us to guide asset allocations and avoid liquidity stress for our clients. We lean on technology solutions and an experienced analyst team to provide accurate and accessible alternatives reporting so that clients can understand their entire financial picture.

Proprietary Alternatives Liquidity Modeling

Our alternatives liquidity modeling solutions enable clients to visualize their liquidity schedule to make informed decisions with appropriate balance sheet management, ensuring that their portfolio is constructed to suit their capital and duration needs.