Importance of
Committed Partners

We built the Validus Private Fund Platform by cultivating deep relationships with our partners over multiple decades. We have focused on creating a strong sense of alignment for our families by structuring favorable deal terms, negotiating expenses, and diversifying across a global network of managers who recognize us as a committed partner.

Why Private Funds

Targeting an Alternative Return Profile

Private funds have the potential to generate improved returns compared to traditional investment vehicles due to their ability to invest opportunistically in alternative strategies that offer attractive entry points for growth.

Unique Investment Opportunities

Private funds provide access to investment opportunities that are not available to the general public. These opportunities include private equity, real estate projects, and other alternative investments that can diversify a client’s investment portfolio.

Uncorrelated Assets

Unlike traditional asset classes such as public equities and bonds which are liquid daily and react to short-term volatility, private investments allow us to invest over time over multiple market cycles providing diversification benefits as we manage risk and return.

Professional Management

Private funds are managed by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of markets. These professionals use their experience to provide expertise in their area of focus, making investment decisions that mitigate risk and generate returns.

Private Fund Platform

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Our platform allows clients access to uncorrelated investments that generate strong returns and provides flexible investment strategies to create unique portfolio structures and allocations.

Benefits of a Distinguished Network

Our network of private fund operators spans decades of professional relationships, enabling us to negotiate favorable terms and access to unique strategies with demonstrated track records.

Considerable Portfolio Diversification

The Validus Private Fund Platform adds diversification to client portfolios by providing exposure to noncorrelated alternative assets that reduce overall volatility to manage risk and generate more consistent results.

Partner of Choice for GP Operators

Our experience, strategic expertise, and access to capital have made us a committed partner of choice for GP operators.